Focus on healing after losing a loved one


You don’t have to navigate this hard time alone

Focus on healing after the passing of a loved one by handing the stress of a probate estate sale to a realtor you can trust. As a probate realtor, I will save you significant time and money having specialized in this area for many years. I know the specific laws and rules that come with selling a probate estate.

I will guide you through and help you understand the specific next steps of selling the estate, letting you deal with the more important and immediate needs of the death of a loved one. Alternatively, if you are looking to buy an estate going through probate, a probate realtor will help you navigate the intricacies of purchasing this property.

Why do I need a probate realtor?

Probate and trust real estate requires diligent attention to probate law and a unique marketing strategy. Some probate real estate requires court confirmation, as such an agent should be familiar with court protocols.

A key component of selling probate real estate is having good relationships with probate professionals, such as court personnel, probate attorneys, probate paralegals and administrators. My network includes these special people of interest. I will connect you with these professionals, while handling the workload.

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